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Facebook Live Medicaid Series: Protect Your Assets with Robert Jutras and Paul Magliocchetti

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Firm News |

Planning for Your Future: Join SSJM Attorneys Robert Jutras and Paul Magliocchetti on Facebook Live for an information-packed four-part series about the importance and value of planning for your future. Medicaid is a complex, time-dependent program that can either be done correctly if done early or be extremely costly for both you and your family if ignored. During this seminar series, you will learn how to qualify for Medicaid and how to protect your assets. Join us, learn more, and protect your future!

Thursday, April 30 @ 8:30 am

This first session covers Medicaid Basics: You will learn about the Medicaid program overall. Bob and Paul will discuss which assets are countable and which are not countable for purposed of Medicaid qualification. You will also learn which “spend downs” are permissible and will not create a lookback period resulting in Medicaid disqualification. If you gift assets or do not understand allowable spend downs under the Medicaid regulations – those assets may be needed to be paid back to qualify for Medicaid. Learn more at this webinar.

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Thursday, May 7 @ 8:30 am

The second session covers more complex Medicaid strategies, such as permissible transfers of money and real estate. Bob and Paul will then transfer rules and penalties and techniques to save the house if an owner requires long term care assistance. Learn more at this webinar.

Thursday, May 14 @ 8:30 am

The third session covers various additional issues, including rental properties, second homes, and irrevocable trust Medicaid planning. Bob and Paul will discuss which provisions in an irrevocable trust for Medicaid purposes will render the trust countable and thus disqualifying.

Thursday, May 21 @ 8:30 am

The fourth session covers crisis Medicaid planning and the Medicaid application. Crisis planning is defined as planning for those who have an immediate or near immediate need for Medicaid eligibility. During this webinar, Bob and Paul will cover crisis planning to help guide you through various stages of Medicaid eligibility. Timing is critical if Medicaid suddenly becomes necessary. The sooner you set up your Medicaid plan and strategies; the sooner Medicaid eligibility can be determined. Delays in this planning can be extremely costly. Even if you’ve been spending down money short or long term, our legal team can help you expedite this planning. Learn more at this webinar.

SSJM Attorneys Robert Jutras and Paul Magliocchetti are well known Elder Law attorneys in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They have advised clients about long-term care planning, including incapacity, disability, and nursing home care, and working with clients and families to prepare their comprehensive estate, trust, and Medicaid plans. When a client requires nursing home care, Bob and Paul also develop a comprehensive asset preservation plan to save the family’s hard-earned assets. They prepare Medicaid applications and provide essential guidance and representation throughout the Medicaid process. The lawyers at SSJM Attorneys work to protect all or most of a client’s assets as Medicaid planning is critical to avoid or minimize exposure to nursing home costs.